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Free Scouting & Matchmaking Events

Join the Intrinsic community to receive FREE scouting and matchmaking for VC and corporates. Discover the most innovative and mature European start-ups (250+) and get to validated best-performing EU-scale-ups and B2B, scalable SAAS investment targets. Network with like-minded director-level enterprise professionals and experience open innovation with a trusted 3rd party from EU. Lastly, join and keep up to date on exciting events and other activities.
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For all large organizations

Free Customised Digital Innovation Sessions

Let's me produce a custom "Digital Innovation Session" for you and/or your peers. The session will be fully tailored to the organization's needs and interests with interactive presentations and Q&A. We will produce a shortlist of scale-ups and validate interest from your colleagues with one simple invite. We will host and record the sessions. It's the ideal way to discover what new innovations are happening. No big expectations BTW, one viewer is enough.
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